Quality Systems should embrace a philosophy of Total Quality with an emphasis on prevention rather than detection. The enterprise should focus on technology, quality, reliability, service and costs in order to make innovative solutions available to customers with minimum total cost.


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Key Benefits
Software process improvement occurs within the context of:

Enhance Total Customer Satisfaction
Reduction of implementation and manufacturing costs
Reduction of delivered defects and associated field support costs


Quality system review of the enterprise or vendors
A quality system review is an assessment to evaluate the continuing health of the quality system of a business or supplier. The review can reflect an overview of the enterprise or supplier, recognize achievements, point out shortcomings and opportunities, and offer recommendations for continuous improvement.

Audit Preparation
OROCA LLC can assist your enterprise prepare for quality audits such as ISO or by customers who may be doing a supplier quality audit.

Product ship acceptance process, criteria, and checklists

Knowing when a product is ready for shipment and when an enterprise is ready to market and support that product can be difficult. OROCA LLC provides assistance in the development and refinement of systems which ease the management and decision making challenges of ship acceptance.

Doing Well in an Audit
A presentation that has been used to prepare every member of a small corporation for an upcoming customer audit.