Raising additional capital funding for your startup business can be a time consuming and frustrating effort. OROCA LLC contacts and experience can make your quest successful and in a shorter period of time.



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Key Benefits

Network of Angel and VC investors
Successful Investment Fund Raising


Coaching for Investor Presentations
Knowing what investors are looking for is a critically important to successful fund raising. Give them what they want you they will give you what you need. Good presentations are both an art and a science. They do not come naturally or easily.

Slide Preparation
OROCA LLC can assist presentation and slide content and strategy.

Preparation of background documents
Balance sheets, P and Ls, term sheets, full diluted capitalization tables, etc are important background documents to have for the question and answer sessions following your presentation.

Elements of a Successful Angel Investment Presentation
Do and Don'ts along with a suggested presentation slide count and contents.